From Social Media To Your Store Part 3 (Value Promotions)

how to get more people to your shopSince Facebook fan pages began, businesses have been offering in store discounts to get people off of their computers and in store. You will know though, that too many discounts will always result in lowering your product value in the eyes of your customers.

Value promotions are NOT store discounts, they are not promoting a reduction in price, but some way that your products or services are giving added value or something happening in store that your customers would be interested in. An example of a value promotion could be, if you own a sports store and you set up a basketball hoop just outside for people to come and play around with (something to interest your customers), or if you run a small bar and a VIP or live band is coming on a particular night then promoting this will be a great incentive for your fans to make the investment to come to your premises while INCREASING the value of your product, rather than decreasing it with discounts.

Timed exclusives on products are one easy way to add value to your fans and have them come down to collect their exclusive goodies, and it doesn’t cost a penny!